The “Hive” Life of Bees

The Different Types of Bees

There are over twenty-thousand different kinds of bees throughout the world. Each kind of bee looks and acts differently.

Honey Bee


There are three varieties of honey bees

  1. Western honey bee
  2. European dark bee
  3. Killer bee (Africanized – very dangerous)

The honey bee is unique as it stores and produces honey. They are the only bees that construct their nests from wax.


Their distinct color is golden yellow and brown striping.


Bumble Bee


Bumblebees are what we generally think of when referencing a bee. These bees are large and fuzzy in appearance. They have contrasting vibrant yellow and black stripes.


Bumblebees are quite social forming colonies complete with a queen bee. Don’t mistake a bumble bee as being cute because they pack an intense sting and can be very aggressive.

Carpenter Bee


Carpenter bees are destructive when it comes to wood or hard plant material. Their burrowing behavior can quickly destroy a tree or a house.

Carpenter bees are predominantly black with a bluish hue and have a distinctive shiny black abdomen. They are solitary bees and are less aggressive than other kinds of bees.


Mining Bee


Mining bees are brown or black with small white hairs on the abdomen. These bees tunnel underground building nests under the soil.

They are solitary bees and rarely sting or become aggressive.


Sweat bees are the dread of the laboring man working outdoors. These bees are attracted to salt in our sweat that is produced. We reactively swat at the bees and end up getting stung.

Megachile (Leaf Cutter Bees)


These solitary bees are the only one of its kind that chews through leaves or flower petals. They chew until each piece is reduced to a pile of fragments. These fragments are used in nest building.


The Leafcutter bees are rarely aggressive and will sting if provoked.