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Colony Collapse Disorder and our Future

Colony collapse disorder is one of the saddest and most detrimental environmental tragedies to be happening in our world. A lot hinges upon the survival and the thriving hives of bees around the world. If we do not do something about this soon enough, we may be facing a crisis and an inevitable mass extinction of plant and animal life globally.


What is Colony Collapse?

Colony collapse disorder is when beehives disappear without a trace or no specific reason why. Although there are circumstantial situations that allude to why they are dying, there are no imperial facts besides data that we have on the declining global bee population. Since the 1950’s almost 50% of our bee population in the US has dropped. At the current rate at which the bees are dying, by 2035 the managed bee population will no longer exist.

Toxins may be one of the causes of colony collapse

The E.U. voted to ban the use of neonicotinoids which are pesticides that weaken the immune system of worker bees. by 2018 the ban should be fully implemented and these pesticides will no longer be used on flowering plants. These same measures were supposed to be implemented in the U.S. as soon as Feb 2018 but were delayed until March, because President Trump signed an executive order slowing down the regulation of these insecticides.

When the worker bees are exposed to the fatal, poisonous, toxic chemicals, it makes them susceptible to parasites that they would otherwise be able to defend themselves against. These parasites are known as varroa mites they attach to the thorax of bees and feed off of their liquid. They do the same to larvae and pupa’s of bees as well. They carry a lot of viruses that are very harmful to the bees. Unfortunately, if we dont fight for regulation they will continue to die off and we will be facing something we are not ready for around the world.