What can you do to save the bees?

Practical actionable things you can do to help save the bees.

Helping to save the bees is no easy task. It’s not something that has an easy button, but it is simple to do. It is moral to do, it is environmental to do, and there’s tons of self-interest in contributing to the salvation of the bee population.

So what are some actionable steps you can take to save the bees population?

  • Plant flowers in your garden or yard that attract bees.
  • purchase local organic farm grown food
  • learn how to do beekeeping
  • do not use harmful chemicals on your lawn or yard that hurt bees
  • Buy local raw honey
  • Tell Congress about your passion for saving the bees

Why you should care about saving the bees

You may or may not know this but, honey bees pollinate 90% of the food we all eat globally. The economic value of their service to humanity is valued at about $30 billion a year in crops. It isn’t just the food we have to be wary of losing, but the plant species around the world that depend on the bee population’s survival (circle of life much?)

If those plants die out, then the animals and insects that feed on those plants die out as well. It will literally come to a catastrophic chain of extinction and scarcity that will eventually wipe us all out unless we invent a way to save the world if the die out, but I highly doubt it.

The bee population dying out may seem like an insignificant and nonrelatable situation in comparison to the individual personal lives of many people, but we all depend on the bees to live.

Save the bees. Contact for volunteer info in your area check out some other posts